DC Hockey Analytics Conference Presentations

Thank you to all who attended the DC Hockey Analytics Conference (#DCHAC) and watched via livestream. While there were some technical difficulties that prevented us from recording all of the presentations, we did manage to salvage a good portion of them. Here they are, as well as all of the slides.

Arik Parnass – Opening Comments & Introduction to Analytics

Slides: Intro to Analytics

Analytics in Journalism Panel (Vogel, Press, Greenberg):

Rob Vollman – History of Statistical Analysis in Hockey:

Slides: History Of Stats In Hockey

Timo Seppa – Applying Analytics and Microstats to NCAA Hockey: An Updated Look:

Slides: Quinnipiac Presentation

Jack Han – Birds of a Feather: Implementing Analytics at the McGill Martlets Hockey Program:

Slides: Birds of a feather

Ryan Stimson – Shot Sequencing: Measuring Quality Possession Through Passing Metrics:

Slides: Pass Sequencing Presentation

Panel Session 1:

Arik Parnass – Playoff Series Score Effects and the Power of Loss Aversion:

Article: Playoff Series Score Effects

Micah Blake McCurdy – Does Ice Time Distribution Drive Score Effects?:

Slides: McCurdy Slides

Moneypuck – Evaluating NHL Draft Prospects: A Historical Cohort Based Approach:

Slides: Evaluating NHL Draft Prospects

Panel Session 2:

Josh Smolow – Skill, Coaching, or Randomness: What Goes Into Open-Play Performance in the Offensive, Defensive, and Neutral Zones:

Slides: Skill, Coaching, or Randomness Presentation

Muneeb Alam – Zone Shift and Finish Data: Value After Leaving the Ice

Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/115qxEDjoWdsdBX0lph6AabmrC_AhiO2_eQUhTJLASdo/edit?usp=sharing

Sam Ventura – The Highway to WAR: Defining and Calculating the Components for Wins Above Replacement:

Slides: Road to WAR Presentation

Arik Parnass – Closing Comments & Open Questions in Analytics

Slides: Closing Presentation

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