2014-15 NHL “Why Not” Ranking Predictions

Predictions are pretty dumb since, as I’ve written about 100 times, hockey is a game of probabilities. That said, since I now have a space to write about whatever I want, and since I’ve been doing an awful job lately filling it with words, here is my view on what is most likely to go down here. Feel free to argue in the comments or on Twitter.


1. Tampa Bay

2. Boston

3. Montreal


1. Pittsburgh

2. New Jersey

3. NY Islanders

Wild Card:

1. NY Rangers

2. Columbus


3. Detroit

4. Washington

5. Toronto

6. Florida

7. Philadelphia

8. Ottawa

9. Carolina

10. Buffalo



1. Chicago

2. St. Louis

3. Dallas


1. Los Angeles

2. Anaheim

3. San Jose

Wild Card

1. Minnesota

2. Nashville


3. Colorado

4. Vancouver

5. Edmonton

6. Winnipeg

7. Phoenix

8. Calgary


Stanley Cup Pick: Chicago over Pittsburgh. The one we’ve wanted for a while, entertainment-wise.

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