AP Hockey Story of the Day: January 12 – On Shea Weber, Matching Skillsets and Possession Numbers

Sam Page has been doing a great series at SI.com on reconciling the views of the analytics community with conventional opinions on players based on the eye test. Most recently, he took a look at Shea Weber, a polarizing figure among analysts because of his mediocre possession numbers.

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AP Hockey Story of the Day: December 30 – Maximizing the Eye Test

The NBA’s Detroit Pistons are increasing their professional scouting abilities by deploying four full-time pro scouts to different parts of the country. They file thousands of reports on players, so that when a move needs to be made, or even just when scouting the opposition, the GM or Head Coach can simply pull up recent reports on players or teams. Some will say that too many scouts can be a bad thing in terms of communication, but I don’t think any team has reached the point where that would be a concern. What this is really doing is maximizing the eye test. There is a recognition that the metrics we have to measure things are far from perfect (even more so in hockey), but rather than combine them with occasional viewings or going off of reputation, you can employ scouts to watch virtually every game. It’s a system that makes a lot of sense and one that NHL teams with the means should immediately explore.